Monday 13 June 2011

Here's my first foray into scratchbuilding (and blogging) it came about after reading the Modeldads website and Harveys "how to"s, the basic tenet being produce these m.g. nests in two hours, i got close-ish, also they're cheap an being the frugal chap that i am i thought i'd give it a go, ofcourse a general love of modelling helped and the fact that Harvey said they were easy to make, inspired me to pick up the scalpel. I'm proud of the way they turned out and after the author gave me the thumbs up, what more could i ask for.
They'll be a useful addition to any of the fortifications missions in Flames of War. And with the advent of the 2nd Fallschirmjager list from "Earth and Steel" Battlefront's latest compilation book on axis forces in Normandy, i can take them as a field fortification along with plenty of different types of defences be they field or coastal.
Nests (without)

Nests (with)
Apologies for the quality (looming shadow) of the pics, i will be getting a light box at some stage...
As Harvey's "how to"s are already out there, i thought i'd let them speak for themselves you could always pop over to Modeldads and take a look for yourself and why not have a browse too, it's always worth a look.
I'm currently working on 8ft of trenchlines as somewhere for my jager to defend and a couple of AT bunkers to shore things up, more on them later. So watch this space in the future for a breakdown on their construction, and hopefully one or two "how to"s of my own..

Wednesday 8 June 2011