Saturday 21 July 2012

Stripping with fairy

No it's not my new late night activity, although... Anyroad it's been a while since i last posted, just a quickie for now, hence no pics.
My latest discovery for paint stripping, Fairy Power Spray, i've been looking for something fast acting, unlike dettol. I'm converting and head swapping a load of my LRDG troopers, to give them that individual look, with the prospect of twenty small stand rifle teams and only 3 different poses to work with, i thought i'd do some chop and change. A pal (cheers Mike AATW) has given me some bailed out british figures, i can whip their bereted heads off (vive le republic!), but they're painted an needed a bit of a clean.
So too business.
I sprayed it on the figure in question, white metal (i'm sorry to say i can't give any plastics advice, but i've heard it works on resin), it started too work almost straight away, i took a toothbrush too it after 5 mins and with a bit of effort it came away, i sprayed more on and left for another 20 mins same process and it came away with less effort, it washes of with a quick water bath, unlike dettol. Result! So for a fast acting stripper (Dita von Teese, hhhrrrrrrr) give it a shot.
Til next year...