Monday 27 August 2012

Oh the horror, a tale of woe (nothing like being a bit over dramatic).

I've been an advocate of using dettol as a paint stripper for a while now, after a few days most of the paint comes away by itself, a quick scrub in a soapey bath with a toothbrush and the rest will come away all good I here you cry. However leaving your resin trucks and tanks in there for a few months, is not a good idea (don't say “no s**t, sherlock”, I can here you), if you're of a weaker disposition please look away now.


As I was crying into my milk yesterday afternoon, I explained what had happened to the boss, an she said (along with a sharp intake of breath) “well I could have told you that”, if only earlier.
So there's my tale of woe, heed my warning, lest ye get a visit from the resin eater... 

 Won't get much purchase on those sand channels.

Hey dude, love that surface pitting.

Never liked the bull bars anyway, those engines'll be overheating without any pipes running to the condensers... :)