Tuesday 20 November 2012

G & T in Murzuq.

So here they are the first proper offering of my LRDG army, at the moment they're big enough for a raiding force, i've not had the chance to photo the rifle stands yet. And as you can tell i'm still getting the hang of my new camera, those beatiful yellow hues, i'll get there..
 Anyroad in January 1941 the LRDG headed out on their first major raid, the plan, to destroy the planes at Murzuq airfield prior to the combined attack with the Free French on the Fezzan fort of Kufra, Murzuq airfield being the closest Italian airbase to Kufra and the greatest threat any of the desert raiders was to know, namely aircraft.
 The raid was a success, the opposition forces were holed up in Murzuq fort suppressed by G-Patrol and their 37mm Bofors, as the mainstay of T-Patrol headed off to attack the airfield, the Free French officer Colonel d'Ornano and Trooper R. J. Moore being gunned down my an m.g. nest on the airfield perimeter. Three Ghibli light bombers were destroyed in their hangar along with roof, the plumes of smoke seen for miles around.
On the subject of their success, the attack by the Free French on Kufra fort succeded it became the forward base for the LRDG and a lull ensued for T-Patrol who stationed the fort over the summer months. Prior to the main raid the first fight between modern special forces took place, near the Gebel Sherif Wadi. The Autosahariana the italian counterpart to the LRDG ambushed T-Patrol as headed it towards Kufra on a pre assault reconnaisance. T-Patrol lost several vehicles as the italians opened up with their vehicle mounted AA guns, chevys were shreded and lives were lost.
 For all you early war desert fans the word on the web is Mike "the special force" Haught is currently writing a Murzuq assault scenario for Flames, so watch his space for that and this space for a mock up of the Murzuq hangar, when i get the time.
Into the Fezzan...

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